Research projects enable us to co-produce new knowledge for people within the catchment and beyond to inform better decisions about how we use our environment to support sustainable societies.

Current projects

  • LANDWISE: LAND Management in lowland catchments for Integrated flood riSk rEduction
  • Twenty 65: Tailored solutions to deliver sustainable water for all by 2065
  • Imprex: Learn from today to anticipate tomorrow
  • LIBERATION: Linking farmland biodiversity to ecosystem services for effective ecological intensification
  • CALIBRE: Co-delivery of food and climate regulation by temperate agroforestry
  • PASQUAL:┬áMonitoring and prediction of pasture quality and productivity from satellites

PhD projects

Published research

More research news can be found on the Loddon Observatory ResearchGate page.

Articles and reports describing work undertaken within the Loddon catchment, including by other institutions, can also be searched on the Loddon Observatory online library.